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DNSBLs, also known as Domain Name System Blacklists, are spam or unsolicited message blocking lists that allow a website owner to reject all messages that have a history of conveying spam. Some people refer to them as blacklists, while others refer to them as block lists. These lists are created using the Internet's Domain Name System, which converts difficult, numerical IP addresses into domain names, making them easier to understand, use, and search.

These blacklists are based on IP addresses and contain IPs, usually of e-mail servers, from whom a blacklist maintainer may have received spam in the past. That server would be blacklisted, and any messages sent from it would be detected or rejected by any website that used a specific blacklist. There are numerous similar lists on the internet, each of which has been prepared using different criteria. Some lists, on the other hand, may perform better than others, making some list keepers more respected and trustworthy than others.RBL was the name given to the first DNSBL, and “RBLs” is a term used to describe spam filtering. RBL and DNSBL are often used interchangeably.